Amazing women russian from Moscow

I’m the one who is constantly seeking new experiences. I think that fullness of life is measured by variety and power of your emotional states. I’m a mixture of choleric and melancholic, though the latter facet is shown to the closest ones only.

I am Sagittarius by Zodiac, and fully correspond to the description I’m given. My name means Love in Russian and this is the feeling which I value best. Reading (Science Fiction, Fantasy, philosophical novels), listening to music (style doesn’t matter – quality does), studying languages, traveling (which includes picnicking and hiking), intellectual games, practical/applied psychology, knitting (strange?!), collecting jokes, funny stories, quotations, SOCIALIZING AND MAKING FRIENDS.

Well, I like people from the very start and stop liking them only after a serious misdeed of theirs. But I truly loved only once and the fact speaks for itself – it’s not easy to win my heart, for the demands I state are numerous. Physical health, intelligence, curiosity, romanticism, care and thoughtfulness, talent or gift (something that I cannot do – playing and composing music, singing, painting, writing belles-letters, – but aspire to learn – I need a challenge). And the main – the One should be doing the thing he was destined by God to do. The eyes of such men shine by a very peculiar light. Being self-realizing in career often means equal desire to create perfection in one’s family life.